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The top places to live during retirement

Years of work deserve to be rewarded with a good rest in the best places.


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The top places to live during retirement

Years of work deserve to be rewarded with a good rest in the best places.

Unrivaled beaches and breathtaking landscapes offer comfort and peace. A list to keep in mind.

Going to an idyllic place to retire after a life of hard work is perhaps the dream many people have. Especially if it is an island with spectacular beaches and a view of the sea.

Recently, the tourism magazine 'International Living' shared a list of exotic islands known as the best in the world to retire.

Based on this list, we have compiled our top 10 recommendations.

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The towns of Malta are charming and you can admire its characteristic architecture while walking around its narrow street



According to 'International Living', this country is what comes to mind when you think of the perfect place to retire. It has a nice weather and combines beautiful architectural designs with exceptional landscapes.

Among other things, the aforementioned magazine points out that the cost of living is not very high in dollars. In fact, a couple can live comfortably on an income of $2,600 a month.

Additionally, they explained that it can be a very pleasant place for English speakers, because, although it is in the middle of the Mediterranean, English is their main language.

Mallorca (Spain)

The Spanish island is noted for its wonderful Marineland sea lion and dolphin shows, as well as child-friendly beaches that attract many families.



According to the magazine, Mallorca has a coastline of 3,638 square kilometers, where you can enjoy a nice warm weather, which can do wonders for your health. Moreover, a couple can live there comfortably on an income of $2,500.

Gothic and Arab structures converge in the most representative buildings of this Spanish island.

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Penang (Malasia)

El cuarto lugar lo ocupa Malasia con un precio de 846 dólares.



This island, which is located off the coast of Malaysia, is a top destination for British and North American retirees, due to the fact that part of its population speaks English.

Furthermore, International Living points out that this place has all the advantages of the “first world”, as it stands out for being quiet and safe. The budget you need, if you want to move to this wonderful place is between 1,500 and 2,500 dollars.

Another advantage is its great location. It is at the heart of Southeast Asia and is also just a few hours from countries like New Zealand and Australia.

Ambergris Caye (Belize)

Nat Geo says that Belize is one of the most exciting destinations because it "supports bold moves to save the oceans".



It is the largest island in Belize. It is surrounded by an incredible turquoise sea, which impresses all its visitors. International Living states that the use of credit cards and various financial conveniences can be helpful to tourists

Moreover, according to this magazine, a couple could live comfortably there with a monthly income of $2.950 to $3.150.

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Ireland has amazing landscapes that charm tourist and locals.



This is one of the most thriving countries in Europe. International Living describes it as a “land full of poetry”. Moreover, they say that the people have adapted to a modern life, they like to welcome new people, and they profess an inclusive culture, which will allow you to fit in quite easy.

The budget a couple needs to live there is around $2,800 per month.

Roatan (Honduras)

Roatan is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras in the Caribbean.


María Camila González Olarte

Although it is still quite unknown, the magazine points out that it went from being a secret place for expert divers to a top destination to live a quiet life.

It is worth pointing out that, although the Honduran population speaks Spanish, most of the inhabitants of this island know English.

Something else to keep in mind is that the minimum income to live properly in this place is between $2,000 and $2,500 per month.

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Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

Isla Mujeres is characterized by its white sand and clarity of the water. 



It has been described as the Mexican jewel for expats.

Moreover, it is a great place to go on vacation and it is located at barely 12km from Cancun.

Compared to some developed countries, the cost of living is much cheaper. In fact, a couple could enjoy living on this island easily, if they have an income of between $2,500 and $3,000.

Bali (Indonesia)

10. Bali, Indonesia. La 'Isla de los Dioses' obtuvo un puntaje de 88,24, que la ubicó en el último lugar del ránking.



This island is a top destination for travelers and retirees who are planning on a long stay. It is an archipelago with more than 17,500 islands of different sizes, with beautiful beaches and lush mountains.

According to International Living, two people can live there with a monthly income of $1900.

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Isla Colon (Panama)

Colon Island is the main island of Bocas del Toro, Panama.



Panama has several hidden islands which are not that famous, but have a lot to offer.

Bocas del Toro, for example, is a group of nine relatively large islands and a few hundred smaller keys and islets, which are surrounded by calm clear waters. Among other islands, there is the Isla Colon.

Renting a simple, island-style house there can be relatively cheap. You can live in this place as a couple with a monthly income of $1,400 per month, says International Living.

Koh Samui (Thailand)

It is known for its beaches surrounded by palm trees, its coconut groves and its dense mountainous forest.



It is the second largest island in Thailand. It has a diverse and exotic fauna, as well as hidden bays and beaches. Inland there are jungle places that offer unique experiences to enjoy nature.

It is a paradise for both retirees and golf fans. A couple of people could live there on a budget of between $2,000 and $2,500.

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