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Five top places in Colombia to go on vacation
Ballenas jorobadas

Bahia Solano is surrounded by exotic nature, and it is the top destination for whale watching.


Cortesy: Carolina Becerra / Omacha Fundation

Five top places in Colombia to go on vacation

Bahia Solano is surrounded by exotic nature, and it is the top destination for whale watching.

These places offer exotic nature, wonderful landscapes, and peace to rest during the pandemic.

After a long confinement due to the pandemic, the economy is opening back up and with it families are planning their next vacation, for which many Colombians look for outdoor locations that allow them to rest and enjoy nature.

Brigadier General Luis Carlos Córdoba Avendaño, president of the Satena airline, said: “we believe that in these times Colombia has destinations that allow citizens to combine ecotourism, family, and adventure without exposing themselves to the risks of this pandemic”.

Hence, keeping in mind the process of opening national tourism back up, Satena came up with a list of five tourist destinations that will allow you to take a break, in the middle of the pandemic.

These places have plenty of outdoor locations that offer different activities for the whole family.

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1. Bahia Solano, Choco: lush beaches surrounded by rainforest

In this area the successful sighting program is offered as well as the opportunity to use a hydrophone to listen to the song of the whales.


Claudia Rubio / CEET

Far from the noise of the city is a place of dark sand and majestic cliffs and is home to the beaches where people go to experience freediving.

Among the activities offered by this destination are whale watching, from July to October, sport and artisanal fishing, free and tank diving in reef areas and in sunken ships, etc., all of which allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by the marine life of this area.

Bahia Solano is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, on excursions along forest and river trails, and participate in the sighting of butterflies and more than 300 species of birds. Moreover, you cannot miss the kilometer and a half walk on its golden sand beach, a real-life paradise.

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2. San Jose del Guaviare: the capital city of hope.

Puerta de Orión.


Mauricio Moreno. EL TIEMPO

A place where you can learn all about the history of an ancient civilization painted among the rocks. Its landscapes are made up of tropical rainforests and gallery forests.

Enjoy unique tourist attractions, such as La Ciudad de Piedra, a magical and unusual destination just like La Lindosa mountain range; La Laguna Negra, an imposing water mirror located twenty minutes from the Playa Güio path, through the Negro channel, the cultural center and tourist viewpoint, the Las Delicias waterfall, the paintings of El Dorado and El Raudal del Guayabero, where you can learn all about the life of human groups of pre-Columbian origin; the Puerta de Orión, an imposing stone 12 meters high and 15 meters wide, from where you can admire the savannah. Furthermore, you can make the most of your stay thanks to the friendliness of the people who inhabit the farm ecotourism inns.

A must see in this region are the hot springs and Pirarucú, an eco-park that offers visitors not only the opportunity to appreciate the regional fauna, but also species brought from different parts of the world.

3. Tolu: A hidden treasure in the Colombian Coast

The gastronomy of the Caribbean region in Colombia is incredible.



The white sand beaches of this municipality of Sucre, and its calm waters, are perfect for resting. Enjoy the warm weather and the sea breeze that complement the landscapes which are filled with vegetation, which cover the mainland as well, thus creating an unforgettable sight.

Enjoy the surprising ecological and natural scenarios, including the San Bernardo archipelago, made up of 10 small islands that are on a beautiful coral platform , the Aquarium Ecological Park, where you can visit the Marine Museum, famous for the pieces of sunken galleons in colonial times, surrounded by the stories of pirates and buccaneers who came to America looking for gold.

Other islands include Múcura and La Palma, as well as La Caimanera swamp, considered an ecological gem, and the Tolu Viejo caverns.

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4. Puerto Carreño: For anyone who enjoys trees, nature, and calm.

Puerto Carreño, capital of Vichada, is one of the warmest cities in Colombia


Vichada's governorate

A perfect place to rest, practice sport fishing, and spot pink dolphins, toucans, or jaguars. All very common in this virgin land, which seems infinite.

Some of the most common activities in this place include sport fishing, rock climbing, and rappelling, as well as iguana watching, navigating the Meta River, and watching the approximately 320 species of birds that live there. Tourists can also find pleasant outdoor spaces full of tradition, such as the El Tuparro National Natural Park, where they can get in touch with cultures such as the Sikuan or Guahibo Indians, in the Bojonawi reserve.

5. Pitalito: the shiny star of southern Colombia

The department of Huila is in the southwest of the country, five and a half hours from Bogotá by land. You can also get to Neiva or Pitalito by plane.


Carlos Ortega. EL TIEMPO

According to the locals, its name, comes from 'pital', a sort of cord plantation. It is known as the Valle de Laboyos. It is a region where guava is one of the traditional fruits, and where you can enjoy the red of its coffee plantations and the beautiful landscape of the Magdalena valley.

Tourism is one of their biggest sources of income. Among the attractions that stand out are the ancient rock paintings located in the Anserma, Guamal, Charguayaco, and Guacacallo trails. Moreover, it has eco destinations such as the Guaytipán lagoon, the Yuma River, the Cueva de los Guácharos-Puracé Natural Regional Park, the Yamboro Agroecological Technopark, the Centro de Gestión y Desarrollo Sostenible Surcolombiano Sena; the Marengo farm, which has a water mirror that houses the red duck (Anas Cyanoptera), and the Guacacayo lagoon.

Finally, you can find other famous attractions, such as the Matanza hot springs, the Bordones waterfall, the Orchid Park, the José Hilario López Park, and one of the best known to tourists: the San Agustín Archaeological Park, which one of the most important archaeological sites in Colombia and which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.

It is important to point out that the airline Satena has available flights to all these wonderful hidden gems around Colombia.

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